Three Wick Candle Making Kit
Three Wick Candle Making Kit
Three Wick Candle Making Kit
Three Wick Candle Making Kit
Three Wick Candle Making Kit
Three Wick Candle Making Kit
Three Wick Candle Making Kit
Three Wick Candle Making Kit
Three Wick Candle Making Kit

Three Wick Candle Making Kit

Three Wick Candle Making Kit

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Choose Your Fragrance
  • Craft a large three-wick statement candle, or two regular sized candles.
  • Great for either one or two people
  • Step by step guide and video tutorials included
  • A perfect gift for creative types
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This kit allows you to be more adventurous with your candle making. With lots more clay, three wicks and double the wax, this is the kit you’ll need if you want your candle to turn heads. Position your handmade statement candle proudly in the centre of your next dining room tablescape and watch it become the centre of attention.

- 1kg Premium Air-Dry Clay
- 400g Eco Non-Toxic Soy Wax
- 25ml Fragrance Oil
- 50ml Glossy Candle Varnish
- Step-by-Step Illustrated Statement Candle Making Guide
- Ultra Fine Bristled Paintbrush
- 3 x Wicks (eco-lead free) 2 x Extra Long Centering Tools
- Sculpd Branded Matches

We use the same premium air-drying clay in our Sculpd pottery kit - it's perfectly soft, supple and easy to work into your dream candle shape. It dries a lovely light grey colour which looks beautiful when coated with our glossy candle varnish.

If stored unopened in the sealed bag the clay will last 3 - 6 months.

One large three-wicked statement candle or two regular candles.

The detailed guide explains all the steps required to sculpt, dry, paint, varnish and pour your statement candle. No craft experience needed!

Your candle pot will be refillable forever. With just some replacement wax, fragrance and wicks you can pour a new candle as soon as the wax level gets too low.

Each fragrance has been specifically chosen to suit different tastes, the 3 unique fragrances are:

Basil & Citrus:creates a gentle scent of sweet citrus against rustic basil with hues of jasmine

Peony Rose:produces a warm earthy scent with a floral backdrop set against a contrast of citrus and royal patchouli.

Ginger & Orange:expect luxurious aromas of fresh orange and exotic ginger)

This kit is a great way to make someone a lovely handmade candle gift. It’s also a thoughtful and unique gift to give the creative person in your life so they can make one for themselves.

The perfect way to show someone you care

Kiln-free candle making

For the first time ever, create your own candle vessels from air dry clay. Let creativity take over and sculpt something completely unique.

Share with a friend

This kit comes with plenty of clay and wax so you're not limited to making just one candle! Sharing is crafting.

Gift a new hobby

Know someone who would love this kit? It makes for a unique and thoughtful gift. Even better - make a personalised candle and gift it to them!

Coral reef candle

Your imagination is the only limitation. Get started with pottery and candle making today.

Three wick dish candle

The paint splattered, deep dish delight. Did we mention the kit comes complete with branded matches?

Blue Zebra

An ordinary footed candle with an extraordinary paint job.

Three wick striped candle

Because when it comes to candles, bigger is better (and throws more fragrance!)

Candle Safety

A uniquely formulated candle-safe varnish

01 - Craft your vessel

02 - Prepare your wick

03 - Grab your wax bag

04 - Microwave for 4 minutes

05 - Add your fragrance

06 - Pour wax

07 - Fill to 80%

08 - Allow to cool and snip wick

09 - Grab your matches

10 - Light it up!

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