Virtual Pottery Event for At-Home Teams

Reward your team in creative style with a totally unique virtual pottery masterclass! How it works:

We send every member of your team one of our award winning home pottery kits.

2. We host a live online masterclass with our resident pottery expert who will teach everyone how to make clay pots, vases, candle pots and anything else you'd like to make.

3. Your team uses the rest of their clay to relax at home sculpting and painting their own air-dry creations!

The event is perfect for those who may have never experienced the joy of working with clay before. Join us for a hands-on journey into the world of home pottery!


The Online Masterclass

The masterclasses are run by our talented resident potters. They will cover the core hand-building techniques used by potters for centuries. The class is super engaging and entertaining for teams of all sizes and can be customised to suit creative abilities.

The session typically lasts 1hr 30. Shorter classes are available on request. By the end of the masterclass, every team member will have created 2-3 of their own clay creations and will have plenty of clay left to carry on their pottery exploration after the workshop.

We use special air-drying clay which means once dry, your team will be able to paint and seal their pieces at home without firing. They can be used for desk plants, dried flower arrangements and to brighten up home workspaces. Paint and sealant is included in the kits.


Enjoyed By...

Special Requests & Seasonal Events

We are more than happy to tailor your session any way you like. Different ways you can customise your experience include:
- Choosing particular pieces for the team to make (eg Valentines Day Candles)
- Surprise events (anonymous boxes sent to each team member with instructions not to be opened until the masterclass begins)
- Themed events
- Co-branded Sculpd Kits; e.g. custom box, custom paint colours etc

How to Book

To book your session, click the button below to fill out our quick and easy quote request form.

Alternatively you can visit our contact us page and drop us a message with as much of the following information as you have available:

1. Provisional date / dates plus the ideal time for your class
2. Number of participants
3. Extras to include (paint sets, candle making kits, cacti, aloe tiki plants)
4. Number and country location of international team members

A huge thank you for your interest in Sculpd. Feel free to call or email us with any questions about the class. We’re looking forward to organising your clay day!

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