Pottery Starter Bundles - Acrylic Paint Pens - First Edition Kit

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The dream combo for creating patterns and designs on your pieces. The precision of a pen combined with the glossy finish, smooth consistency and thickness of acrylic paint. 

The Pottery starter bundle comes with all the materials, tools and guidance you'll need to create functional and useable pottery pieces from home. 

Every kit comes with 2kg of air-dry clay - enough for two people to create two pots or pieces each.

With a Sculpd kit and an acrylic paint pen set of your choice you can create almost anything. If you can dream it, you can Sculpd it.

Metallic Pottery Starter Bundle

Sculpd Pottery Kit + 8 vibrant metallic colours including gold and silver to give your pieces a shimmering finish. These pens are perfect for detailing, for example painting a gold rim around a trinket dish.

Mediterranean Pottery Starter Bundle

We've curated a mix of vibrant Mediterranean colours that will transform your pottery pieces into sultry works of art. Perfect for decorating your pieces with floral and abstract patterns, filling in detailed sketches and giving your pottery that colourful fired and glazed look.

How to Use

1. Shake well

2. Press the nib with your thumb once to release air.

3. Tap the nib on a flat surface until paint flows into the nib.

4. Cap after use

Use on top of a white base coat for best results.

These pens are super versatile, and work perfectly on plastic, wood, cardboard, paper, glass and most other surfaces.

What's in the Bundle?

- 2 Packs Premium Air-Dry Clay

- Step-By-Step Beginners Pottery Guide

- Pottery Carving, Shaping and Cutting Tools & Tool Bag

- White Waterproof Acrylic Paint

- 8 Coloured Acrylic Paints

- 2 Paintbrushes

- Sponge for Smoothing

If stored unopened in the sealed bag the clay will last 3 - 6 months.

Clay days and craft nights are best shared among friends so simply add more clay bags if you have extra hands to feed. 

Which clay do you use?

Not all air-dry clay is created equal, and our clay is unlike any other.

We source our clay all the way from the historic home of British pottery, Stoke-on-Trent. We use a light grey earthenware blend which feels identical to regular earthen clay, unlike other air drying varieties which are often over-fibrous and irregular in texture. Our clay is beautifully supple and workable making it easy to achieve a smooth finish.

It dries a lovely light stone colour and is a total joy to paint on. We've tested every air-dry clay we could get our fingers into, and this clay is hands down the best.

Need some extra clay?

Add to your order at the bottom of this page.

Giving Sculpd as a gift? 

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What shall I make?

What you make is really up to you! You can check out our Best of Sculpd Gallery for inspiration or use the included step-by-step guide to get you started. 

Enjoy Sculpdors! And don't forget to tag us @sculpdit to have your creations featured. Good luck!

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Pottery Starter Bundles - Acrylic Paint Pens - First Edition Kit

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