Pottery Painting Course

Hosted by potter, teacher and artist Freya Bramble-Carter

About this Course

We've worked together with Freya Bramble-Carter to create the ultimate three-part Introduction to Pottery Course. Everything you need to gain confidence and make pottery a hobby.

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To navigate through the course playlist, tap or select the playlist menu from the top right of the video screen to view all the available sections of the course. If you would prefer to watch it from start to finish, the next video will play automatically after you finish each section. 

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Hosted by

Freya Bramble-Carter


A renowned ceramicist, artist and pottery teacher, Freya is especially known for creating contemporary vase designs, often strongly inspired by a balancing flow of femininity and masculinity. She has been featured in Vogue, and her work has been shown at Saatchi Gallery, plus she has appeared as a guest judge on the The Great Pottery Throwdown.

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Paint Pen & Paint Kit Subscription Bundle
Paint Pen & Paint Kit Subscription Bundle
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Course Breakdown


Introduction, Learning and Theory

Welcome to the course, introduction to Freya Bramble-Carter, quick history of pottery painting, colour and composition theory and how to find inspiration for decoration.


Getting Started

Unboxing (what’s in the kit), Freya provides a run through of what you'll be learning in this course.


Planning & Designing

Freya shows you how to plan and design your piece on paper before you start painting your vase. Freya gives examples of colour combinations, how to mix colours, creating multiple designs and how to pick your favourite.


Painting your Piece

Freya shows you how to use your paints and paint pens on pottery, how to transfer your design to your vase, tips and troubleshooting plus painting your vase step by step.


Finishing Touches

Freya walks you through adding the final touches to your piece, glazing, adding details, troubleshooting, tips and the next steps.