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Group Bundles

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Sculpd Group Bundles - Clay, with friends!

Perfect for parties, but not just for parties. These bundles are a great way of getting your hands on lots of kits, paints and pens for less, either for an event, for gifting or just because you want to make lots, and lots of pottery.

The Pottery Party

Your new favourite party activity. Gather round and prepare to be inspired. 

Pottery parties come in all sorts of different forms, and we’ve tried them all. We can say without a doubt that pottery is always fun, always relaxing, and is always a creative crowd pleaser. To help you get inspired we’ve curated a list of some of our favourite ways to get stuck into the good stuff.

In no particular order:

The Craft Night - An intentional pottery evening involving deep concentration and a stress-relieving focus on handcrafting the best pieces possible. 

The Potterlympic Games - Everyone makes the same creation. Votes are cast for whose looks the best. Winner takes the glory.

Pottery in the Park -  a picnic blanket, a few sculpd kits, some carrot sticks and a pot of hummus and your sunny park day just got a lot more creative.

The Golden hour pottery evening - a sultry and relaxing evening of outdoor pottery and reflection, often mixed with a glass of chilled rose.

Clay & Cocktail Night - Sophisticated crafting with sophisticated refreshments for sophisticated people.

The Surprise Dinner Party Activity -  Bring a few kits to your next dinner party as a surprise addition. Bask in the smiles and delight of the guests.

The Gifter’s Delight - Lots of cousins in the family?  Grab a multi-kit bundle and gift each kit individually. That’s smart money.

We’ve seen our fair share of pot-upmanship. And you know what? We encourage it! Creativity inspires more creativity. Go out there, grab some clay, learn a new skill and out-pot the competition. That’s a sport we can get behind. If you really put your hands to it, you may just end up in the Best of Sculpd. Or even the Sculpd Creators Club ;)

Whats in the bundles?

4 Person:

  •  2 x Sculpd Pottery Kits
  •  1 x Pastel Paint Set
  •  1 x Mediterranean Paint Pens

6 Person:

  •  3 x Sculpd Pottery Kits
  •  2 x Pastel Paint Set
  •  1 x Mediterranean Paint Pens

8 Person:

  •  4 x Sculpd Pottery Kits
  •  3 x Pastel Paint Set
  •  1 x Mediterranean Paint Pens
  •  1 x Favourite Paint Pens

So set the date, invite your friends, pick up a bundle and let the pottery games begin.

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